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The Internet's been getting a little messy lately.

The online world is a blessing and a curse. Social media leaves many feeling lonelier than ever. With privacy concerns around every corner, trust is scarce. Shopping usually starts and ends on the first page, leaving new products behind and hidden away.


A place built on privacy that allows you to share whats new in the handmade world. While your at it, talk to friends and followers without many of the negatives present on social media.

🆓 Trustable privacy 🔒

Your data is controlled by you and stored cautiously by us. No creepy ads or tracking, we firmly believe privacy is a right to all!

🏪 Sell something unique 💸

Set up shop and show the world what you or your business has to offer. Every product has a chance to be seen by all from the start, not the last page. Have your product shown immediately and judged with feedback!

🛍️ Shop in style 🕶️

With new and unique goods coming out all the time, it can be hard to filter out which is best, and we have a solution! See the hottest new products, top selling, fresh on the platform, or traditional style.

☝️ Level up as you go 🔺

It's hard to judge something new and if it's trustworthy or not. Here reviews and feedback count toward growing your reputation, the product, and the seller. As one uses the site, selling and buying abilities increase with contributions to the community.

🔊 Socialize and talk with your crowd 💬

Go from personal to anonymous instantly or vice versa. Share a post or product with your friends and followers.

📈 How we operate 💰

To stay up and running we need money. There are many ways to gain income, and we focus on the most ethical which never abuse your privacy or ruin experience with the platform.

Our simplified revenue model:
• Small cuts on product sales (affiliate links)
• Eventually we will release subscriptions for site goodies and sellers
• Product ads related to search terms and not your search history
• And the obvious... crowdfunding, investments, donations, etc!

Welcome to the Pakk 👋

🚀 Coming 2019 🚀

Spread the word of Internet salvation.

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